Accepted Forms of Payment

Container Rentals

Customized Container

If you have credit approved with Complete Container Services, you may schedule the rental of a container provided your account is current.

Credit Appplication >>

If you DO NOT have credit approved with Complete Container Services, you must provide a credit card on which all amounts will be charged.

***NO ONE will be permitted access to the container(s) stored at CCS unless all invoices are current. ***


Container Purchases

Cash, Credit card and Denver local area COMPANY check payments are accepted and container(s) will be released immediately.

Wire transfers are acceptable and container(s) will be released once Complete Containers Services receives notice of payment from their bank.

Personal checks or out-of-state checks must clear the bank before containers are released.Complete Container Services must be able to verify with the bank that the check has cleared and may request a copy of the check (both front and back) before releasing the container(s)

Out-of-state credit card payments must have person present to sign the credit card receipt or must sign another document relating to the authorization of container purchase(s) before container(s) are released.

Complete Container Services reserves the right to amend any of the above conditions at any given time.